Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dear Jacob

Dear big boy,

Hi honey - it's mommy again -time for your monthly letter from me. :-) You are growing and changing so much! I just love watching you figuring out new things and learning so much. You have a very fun personality - some highlights from the last month:

You got a boo boo on your knee - you showed EVERYONE!!!! Even the lady at McAlisters who was checking us out. FUNNY! You were in Aunt Kelly and Uncle Shawn's wedding - you were hands down the CUTEST ring bearer ever. You loved your tuxedo. (Not a tux - you always corrected us when we called it a tux.) This letter's going to be a little different. Just so we never forget the funny things you say, I'm just going to make a list of them. It's so fun to hear you talk:

"manacain" (manaquin - you have this strange obsession with them...)

"How bout????" you always say this to us when you want something else.

"Member mommy? Member Daddy?"

"do you like jellyfish mommy?"

"Kissy Kiss" - hershey kiss

"this is a pork chop maker" - pointing to the grill

"salam" - salad - to you, a salad is cheese and bacon bits
"what time is it?" - you are actually showing some real smarts here - you know all the numbers
"2 more minutes"
"I need the troll" -(remote control)

And one of my all time favorites - "those aren't ducks mommy, those are geese." ahem - I stand corrected.

You are simply precious. Love you forever and always! You are and always will be my best little friend.
love, Mommy


Rachie (Walker's Mom) said...

I am laughing out loud reading all of these! I think my fav is that he knows what geese are. He's such a smart boy. I have loved watching him learn and experience new things - like eating his first PBJ sandwich. Precious. Love, Aunt Rachie

Tiffany Magness Keene said...

I am laughing out loud too!!! There is nothing sweeter than what comes out of an innocent toddler's mouth!!! Jacob is so darn cute!!! And he is SO smart! I'm sure there will be so many more times that mommy and daddy will stand corrected!!! Too sweet!!!! (And is he drinking chocolate syrup in that picture?! Wouldn't I like to get my hands on some of that! Think he'd share with aunt tiff?! LOL!) Love ya'll!!!!