Thursday, September 08, 2011

Dear Preschool Boy (Gulp!),

Dear Jonathan,
Holy moly, I can't even believe that this is the last picture of you before you become a big ole preschool boy! I'm up early this morning, before everyone else in this house (thanks to running with my great friend KATIE!!! - but that's a whole other post!), and I'm just spending a little time praying for you my friend. I love you with all my heart and just when I think my heart will burst with love and pride for you, I love you more than that!!

It's totally hard for me to fathom that you are big enough for preschool. But you are. You are so ready. You are curious and love to learn. You want to do exactly what your bubby does. You recently started drawing picture of people and they are precious. Completely developmentally normal, too, I might add! You also just took and interest in learning to write your letters. I'm so proud of you. I love it when you make a J - you make a line and a swoosh. I love the way you say it. You know how to spell your name and know the numbers on our mailbox. You can recognize all the letters (most of the time!) and all your colors. I don't worry one little bit about you going to preschool - skills wise. I'm just gonna miss my little man in the mornings now!

You are getting so big! You still love to read and you love playing with your toys. You love it if I'll play "Batman" or "Jail" with you. You have a great imagination.

Jonathan, remember that you are a child of the King. Jesus loves you so much and wants you to be loving and kind to others. You have a very sweet heart and are working very hard to share. Mommy and Daddy couldn't be more proud of you! We pray that you would make good friends and that you would be a good listener and sharer. We also pray that you would feel safe and comfortable at preschool.

Know that we are always here for you little man. You are loved beyond imagination. Love Jesus. love others. That's your job little Jonathan!


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Wow, time flies....