Saturday, September 17, 2011

Disney on Ice

Well, our fascination with all things Disney continues in Stover-ville. Our trip this summer renewed an interest in all the old classic Disney movies (and the new fun ones too!). When I heard Disney on Ice was coming to Louisville, I thought, we must do it. I second-guessed myself a little, since it's ice skating and we have boys. Ahem. BUT, I saw a trailer online for the show and it wasn't all "princessy" or anything. And there was a huge segment on Peter Pan and Captain Hook. What could be more "boyish" than Peter Pan and Captain Hook? So, we got great tickets - a good price thanks to a group discount since Daddy works for the Commonwealth of Kentucky! Yeah! It was a blast. Grammy and Pa drove up today and joined us. The boys were glued to the action. Seriously. They loved every single second! Here's a few shots from our day...

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