Monday, September 19, 2011

It's Monday, and it must be random...

So, it's Monday, and it's random... a couple of things.
First, I'm thinking of redesigning the bloggy. Any suggestions? I'm not tech savvy, so this may prove to be difficult. I don't read/speak html, so I must keep it simple. Looking for people to point me in the right direction here. :-)

Second, I suck at couponing. My friend, Jody, has given me several pointers and I still can't seem to get the hang of it. Although yesterday, between my Kroger card and coupons, I saved almost $40. Score! Except maybe not...I feel like I spent more money couponing... for instance, I had some coupons that expire 9/30. I didn't really need the items, but knew that I eventually would use them. The result? My typical $100 shopping extravaganza for the week was $130. Ugggh. I need a personal shopper. Oh and someone to deliver and put away the groceries while we're at it.

Third, perhaps the same person who would volunteer to do my personal shopping would also like to become a fairy and sprinkle magic dust on my house to insure I will never have to dust, vacuum or clean the bathrooms again in my life. Oh and while they're at it, never ending clean laundry baskets would be a bonus too. :-) Oh I kid. (not!)

Fourth, I've had a little time (actually I've neglected a few tasks (see above)) and have ALMOST gotten my Disney trip completely scrapbooked. Yeah! I love scrapbooking. Actually, I think I'll neglect a few things now while the boys are resting and go try to finish a couple more pages.

Totally still adjusting to my big boy being away every single morning for preschool. He is totally loving it. I feel like it's come way too fast, but I'm excited to watch him learn and grow. He continues to report that his favorite part of school is riding bikes at "recess." Thataboy!

And finally, I've been meaning to post this for a while (and it's totally not related, but random? Right!!!) My little Jonathan has just started drawing people and it's so darn cute. He is so proud of each and every masterpiece. Love him!

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mommy raker said...

even if you spent $30 and saved $40, you net saved $10 :)
come over sometime and hang out and i'll share what i know. it ain't much but i'll tell you the little i know!