Monday, September 26, 2011

end of an era

Welp... blue boy finally kicked the bucket. We kept saying we'd drive it until the wheels fall off. Well, the wheels didn't fall off, but the timing belt shattered, which caused the engine valves to bust, which caused something else. Bottom line, when the mechanic called us, he said "your blue car is pretty much scrapped." Alrightythen. Not exactly our plans for the weekend, but we went car shopping. And we got a new car - a dark blue Toyota Corolla. Pretty cool. Car payment, not so cool, but we got a great deal. So, we've bid farewell to our old friend, "blue boy." In his memory, here's a few special things we did in that car...
1. We went on our first date (Southeast and Rafferty's and a movie)
2. We left from our wedding to our "happily ever after."
3. We drove to our honeymoon
4. We brought home our first born baby from the hospital (in the rain!)
5. We both travelled lots and lots of miles for work in old Blue Boy - thankful it kept us safe all those miles.
6. The boys climbed up on top and sat and played make believe in there and made many happy memories. They also called the sunroof the "windshine." Cute!
Goodbye Blue Boy. Hope you can be fixed and make someone else safe and happy for at least a little while.


all you need is love said...

timing belts every 100,000 miles...though sometimes they go quicker in older cars. it is sad to say goodbye to the cars we love though. enjoy the new wheels

mommy raker said...

guaranteed you will LOVE the new car, especially it's MPGs. You'll likely get 35-40 with all the interstate miles :)

melissaballard said...

I'm so sentimental about our vehicles! Why is that? When we sold Josh's green truck that we dated in and had for the first 3 years we were married, I cried! What's wrong with me? Enjoy your new ride!!!

Mommy Webb said...

Y'all have great taste in BLUE cars!!!:) Love you