Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dear Jacob Man,

Hey there Jacob Man - (that's really Mamaw's nickname for you, but we love it and call you that a lot now!) You've had an exciting month - you turned three! I can't believe you are already three years old. Time really is going so fast. You are a lot of fun right now and say the funniest things. You keep us laughing and sometimes scratching our heads saying "where in the world does he come up with this stuff..." One of the most curious things that you say right now is when we're driving in our neighborhood and see some skeletons - you always say "I just saw Jesus." That's one of those scratch your head moments...why the connection, I don't know, but it really is sweet. You also say some really sweet prayers - you still love to perform little concerts and often during them, you stop to pray. Here's a couple of samples:

"Dear God, thank you for Santa and thank you for Ms. Mary." "Dear God, thank you for curtains and thank you for microwaves and lima beans." Dear God, thank you for mommy and daddy and Jacob and Jonathan and this fun family." other words to describe it!!! You and Jonathan have a great relationship - it's really cute to watch. He loves you and you love him so much. I hope that bond is always that strong. Sometimes when we take ya'll to church, Jonathan gets a little sad and you always say, "it's okay, I'll make Jonathan happy." You are very protective of him! We still have our challenges with naptime and listening, but overall, you are such a good little boy. You are very polite and work so hard to use nice words. I love that you play nicely with other children and are respectful of adults. You got a new babysitter this month - Ms. Maureen. You love it there and we're so thankful you're in a great spot! Your little friends, Ashley and Michael Trent are so glad that you and Jonathan come visit for a couple days a week. Next month.....operation potty training. You are showing very little interest, but I hope we'll make some did pee in the potty four times the last week and I was so proud. You can do it buddy, we know you can!

Love you with all my heart and always will, MOMMY

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Rachie (Walker's Mom) said...

Jacob - I thank God for microwaves too, buddy:). You are so fun and creative. Aunt Rachie and Uncle Leedle think you are really special.