Monday, October 19, 2009

my new project

Thanks to my friend Tiff (proud momma of Sir Tucker!!!!!), I was motivated to create a window treatment. No, I don't own a sewing machine, though I sure wish I did!!! I made a cornice for my bathroom. Well, so I can't really take all the credit - I had the vision and my daddy had the tools and the man power to use the staple gun on all that fabric. Me and my daddy make a pretty tough combo - what can I say - once a daddy's girl, always a daddy's girl!!! It looks FABULOUS!!! I really like it and think it adds some pizazz to our little room!


Rachie (Walker's Mom) said...

You did an awesome job! I should have had you done my kitchen time;). Love you Miss HGTV.

Tiffany Magness Keene said...

You did great!!! You didn't need me at all! Funny thing, I actually was in the hospital and thought, I feel bad I can't help Sherri with her cornice board in time for Jacob's party! LOL! It looks great!!! :)