Friday, January 21, 2011

Dear Bird Man,

This is your "going to work outfit." Perfect!

You have this strange affinity for my shoes. Always have... you are too funny!

Dear Jacob,

My sweet little 4 year old. I love you so. You are full of life and energy and you have pretty much two speeds - asleep or wide open. You are fast and funny and love to be doing something every second of the day. You have recently started to share my love for card games and board games and I love that! You love to play Uno with me and you are really good at Candyland and Chutes and Ladders. But more than playing with any particular toys, you love love love to play pretend. Pretend work. Pretend church. Pretend library. Pretend Preschool. Name it and you'll pretend it. It's really fun and you are very creative. The other day you were playing with Jonathan's Toy Story 3 toys and you created this big story about how Buzz swallowed a penny and had to go to the hospital to have his tummy cut open. I have NO idea where you heard about that, my love, but it sure was cute. You also still love Batman and put your costume on almost every single day! So cute!

Jonathan adores you and wants to play with you all the time. You are pretty patient with him and guess what??? You actually really like to play with him too! Your favorite thing to do with him these days is to "give books." You get on the bottom bunk and he's on top and you each pick a book, "read" it then pass them to one another through the secret passage. It is so cute. I love the bond that you two have.

You still love preschool and are learning so much about sharing and caring for others. You also started Tumble Time and you do a great job. I love how well you follow directions. You are very strong willed at home sometimes and direction following is a little harder at home, but you still work very very hard.

You are sleeping very well these days - I just wish you didn't need us to lay down with you every night. You did go to sleep on your own 2-3 times in the last month.! We are still working hard and praying for your eating habits. You have actually eaten applesauce a few times at home (a major accomplishment) and ate a nutri-grain bar today. Now, let's just eat a few veggies, okay?

I love you more than you'll ever know. Thanks for being such a sweet little boy. You melt my heart! love, Mommy

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Mama Webb said...

I would add that Jacob has an insanely impressive memory. Maybe you can share some of that with your old Aunt Rachie:)