Monday, January 24, 2011

a whole lot of randomness

So, I suppose when you're a mom (or maybe just a woman... don't really remember my thoughts B.C. -Before Critters), there's a whole lot of random thoughts swarming in your mind at any given time of day. Particularly in the middle of the night when everyone is asleep but you. Why in the world does that ever happen? Beats me... here goes. The list of randomness for today or last night rather:
1. We have several "junk" drawers - drawers can be used loosely as really they are junk areas. We have one official junk drawer, one big brown bag that catches a lot of junk and the top of the washer and dryer that catches the rest. Why does any family need 3 junk areas? Must attend to those soon. Anywhoo.
2. I am addicted to Nestles Quik. Seriously. During my weight loss journey, I've challenged myself to give it up for months on end. This is not one of those months... and I've gained 2 pounds. RRRRRRR.
3. We almost got roped into teaching middle schoolers at church yesterday cuz the teachers were sick. Well, let me tell you, I almost threw up in my mouth at the thought. Middle schoolers give me heartburn. :-)
4. Planning a Disney trip for the fall - everyone tells you to start early. I feel like I'm already behind. Oh gosh...
5. My son changes underwear more times than Elizabeth Taylor changes husbands. Seriously -I have no idea why, but he changes underpants about 5-6 times each day - and NO, thank goodness, he doesn't usually have accidents. He just gets the urge to have a new superhero touching his stuff I suppose.
6. I actually watched most of two football games yesterday and sort of liked them. Don't tell Billy though!
7. Scrapbooking is better than therapy.
8. Why were there absolutely no snowmen built this time around? I think it was pretty sticky snow - not one single snowman have I seen after last week's snowstorm. Maybe it's because other mommies like me hate being cold.
9. The Bachelor is my guilty pleasure. I even referenced it in my Sunday School class - we teach seniors in High School. Embarrassed? Nah, not me! I admit, I looked at the spoilers online last night. Don't know why I do it every season. Will I still watch? Of course. Reality Steve has to be wrong sometimes, right?
10. Case 39 is the scariest movie I've ever seen. Period. Rent it if you like scary ones!

See, random - I told ya!

Glad I got some of that out of my brain and into cyberworld. Happy Monday ya'll!


Tucker's Mama said...

LOL! I love your list! I especially LOLed at the part where Jacob likes new superheros touching his "stuff"! I'm with ya on all the random stuff! Sometimes I wonder where I get some of the things that randomly pop in my mind.... Maybe that's God's way of keeping us sane!
Love ya!

Mommy Webb said...

I am with Tiff - when I read about the superheros touching his stuff I laughed out loud. That is one funny boy. Although, Walker would be disappointed if he was endorsing a superhero other than Batman:).