Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Where in the world is Jonthan Patrick Stover?

Anyone else watch Where in the World is Carmen San Diego? So picture that song... only where's my little man? He had so much fun hiding in this closet at my parents' house over Christmas break. But that's not the reason for this post... it was just a super cute pic.

Anyway... I knew the day would come - my little guy is growing up so fast. His speech is improving every single day and I'm so glad. But one thing he says, I hoped would never change. Jonathan has called his brother "bubup" for as long as he could talk. We never ever corrected him because we both (and our speech therapist too!) thought it was so cute. We even started calling Jacob "bubup." And now, the last few days that has changed. Now, Jonathan calls Jacob "Jacup". Clear as day. I must say, I'm a little sad at this turn of events. It's another reminder that time goes so fast and these little treasures won't be little forever. Tear!


Tucker's Mama said...

So sweet ;)
One thing that will never change is the bond that Jonathan and Jacob have!

Mama Webb said...

Walker still thinks he's Batman. In fact, he delayed his nap today by climbing on the chair in his room and picking up his birthday invite picture and yelling out the gate, "is that Batman?!"

L Perkins said...

Ha! This reminds me of when we dressed Henry up as a monkey for halloween and stuck him on the chair with all his stuffed monkeys. TOO CUTE!