Sunday, January 30, 2011

I'm not THAT mommy

It isn't me who:
  • Went to Walmart and let her 4 year old go in his Batman costume. Nope, not me. But if it was me, I would have made sure that he wore his tennis shoes and not his "woody boots" because Woody boots and Batman costume just simply do not match.
  • Opens up Goldfish containers and feeds them to my boys while I shop and then sheepishly pay or an empty container at the end of our shopping fiasco. Nope, not me. But if it was me, surely, I would have pretended not to notice the strange looks as I opened up the little container.
  • Gets my kids McDonalds because when I think about lunch, all I see is another mess to sweep up and dishes to wash. Nope, definitely not me.
  • Says "oh that store is closed or the oreos are all gone or oh my, McDonalds stopped serving ice cream cones a little while ago..." just to avoid a meltdown. Nope, not me because I always have long rational conversations about such nonsense and my kids always agree with me.
  • Is at times a "short order cook," running around my kitchen fixing whatever my sweet lovies desire. Nope, not me, the healthiest eater on the planet
  • Rejoices when my oldest eats applesauce and a nutrigrain bar - all in one week. Nope not me, because he is full of nutritious choices
  • Leaves puzzles all over the floor for 2-3 days beautifully put together by my loves because I simply don't want to sweep or mop the floor. Nope, not me, but if I did, I'd really enjoy looking at the hard work and determination that went into completing the puzzles.
  • Often forgoes bathtime and thinks to myself "they really didn't sweat today." Nope not me...
  • AND it most definitely was NOT me who snuck a big bowl of ice cream for me and my hubby during rest time and only gave the boys 1 tiny scoop each after rest time. Oh, and my bowl most definitely did not also happen to be covered in chocolate topping. :-)

What about you, friends? What did you most definitely NOT do lately? ;-)


mommy raker said...

I don't turn Sesame Street on in order to possibly get 10 minutes to eat breakfast or drink coffee. Not ever.

Mommy Webb said...

Hahahaha! I know that you would NEVER do these sort of things. No way. Me either;).

Tucker's Mama said...

I never let my son watch YouTube videos while he eats because he will sit in his high chair longer, and possibly even eat more. Nope, not me.