Friday, January 21, 2011

Dear Jonathan,

You and Jacob are "going to work" - nice tie and hat!

See - there's your favorite toys - all lined up in a row. Funny!

To my sweet little Jonathan,

Life hasn't been easy for you the last few months and I am so sorry for that. I am so sorry that you had to endure not 1 but 3 surgeries last year - two in December. Poor baby. I am hopeful that 2011 will be a GREAT year for you! You are so sweet and have the most infectious smile. It truly truly warms my heart. You are a ton of fun these days. Your interest in pretend play has really blossomed and you absolutely love your brother to pieces. You want to be where he is every second of the day. Ya'll play together so nicely - most of the time. :-) You have a couple of favorite things right now. You love Toy Story 3. You love to watch the movie, but more than that, you love your new Toy Story toys Mamaw and Papaw got you for Christmas. You love it when we hide them and you have to find them. When you hide them for us, it's hilarious. You put them all in one spot and you show us as soon as we come into the room. You also still LOVE books. It is so cute. When you finish a book, you always say "amen." You and your brother have this new favorite trick - you get on the top bunk and he gets on the bottom and you both read books then trade them by passing them through the secret passage. It is so fun to watch you play together. He is very patient with you and gives in most of the time when you want something. You should be so grateful! You also love your Hermie puzzle. it is quite hard, but you do it very well. You also have really started to like trains - you got lots of Thomas stuff for Christmas and you enjoy it a lot!

You are very smart - you know all your letters, colors and your numbers to 10. You also know most of your shapes - at least the basic ones. Your speech is fantastic and I can understand everything you say now. You are quite the chatty Kathy, actually. It's funny that we were once worried about your speech. I think articulation is still problematic at times, but it is much much better.

You got a new sound machine and you are obsessed. It has a little projection screen thing and puts pictures of moons and stars up on your wall. Seriously. Obsessed. And you like the heartbeat sound, which if I'm being honest, totally creeps me out. :-)

You have been having quite a bit of trouble sleeping and it's getting a little old. I hope the memories of what happened in December quickly fade, so you will no longer be afraid to sleep. Sleeping is cool, my friend. very very cool! I promise!

I think you inherited a little of mommy's OCD traits and I'm sorry little man! You like to stack things and put them in rows. You like things to look and feel a certain way. Tags irritate you and you ask me to take them off - even off your stuffed animals. (who you oh so creatively call "bear, monkey, elephant and teddy bear.)" I tried to give them more creative names, but you like to stick to the basics. You also are really into counting things - and you do a great job at it! All the way to 14. Way to go!

I love you little bug. You are a precious gift from God and I'm grateful to be your mommy. I promise to try to be more patient with you at night time and those tantrums??? well, let's just get rid of those all together, m'kay?

Love you, Mommy

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Mama Webb said...

That close up picture captures Jonathan so well. With that smile he can prob get anything he wants from Aunt Rachie:)